Volkskundemuseum Wien

For all of us this time means - in the best case - changes and cuts in our everyday lives. What’s more obvious, then, than to take a closer look at an institution that collects, documents and researches forms of past and present everyday life, as is the case with Volkskundemuseum Wien? Which, on top of that, has even decided to take a time-out for 2020 for reorientation - which perhaps some of us succeed to find, too, during this not entirely voluntary break? And that even before "Corona" had arrived and we had to start dealing with all kinds of new questions, began a project collecting just those questions that occupy and move us in this year 2020, namely #wirfragen.

So at the moment it is closed either way. ("Without Corona", however, there will be mini-presentations selected from the collections in the publicly accessible passage). But, like any other museum, Volkskundemuseum has an online presence as well, with even an exclusively online exhibition, "Schulgespräche": In short video excerpts, they show interviews with young Muslims about what their everyday life actually looks like (especially regarding religion and interculturality), with sometimes disarmingly charming statements. Another special feature is the provision of a considerable number of publications, most of which are accessible free of charge, such as - for example - the issues of the museum's magazine. Various parts of the collection can also be visited online, together with detailed descriptions and maps of geographical location.

Of course this does not make up for a real visit. But inspiration (and comfort?) can be found...




Julia Maurer




#wirfragen You can find it under Instagram-Account of volkskundemuseums instagram.com/volkskundemuseumwien










Header, Photo: Haupteingang des Volkskundemuseum Wien, Gartenpalais Schönborn. Foto: Matthias Klos © Volkskundemuseum Wien