Hanging on trial

Hanging on trial

You fell in love with a specific piece of art?

You adore the colour, the view, and you start walking notional through a beautiful landscape of a chosen artwork, seeing it already hanging in the privacy of your own home? Or does a fascinating portrait inspire you in many different ways? Can abstract shapes start to fill up the limited space around you, and spread out its sense of distinctiveness?

But you are not sure if this agitated feeling coming from your chosen art, still has the same effect when it reaches its final destination? You fell unsure about the impression the artwork will have in your own home or the office?

Don’t hesitate to ask for our special service of “hanging on trial”!

If you live in the metropolitan area of Vienna, we would happily arrange a meeting with you, your desired artwork and the specialists of KUOKA, so you have the chance to see and feel the art in its final destination.