About Kuoka

KUOKA – is an abbreviation for the Austrian words “KUnst Online KAufen”, which means “buying art online”.

The idea behind this: Young and high-quality art should be presented in a modern way on a contemporary platform. Out of the traditional and long-served galleries, the team from KUOKA tries to reunite an open-minded audience with the modern arts in a way, where customers and artists get the chance to get closer to each other.

Out of the gallery – right into life. KUOKA wants to represent this new dynamic energy, this critical thinking combined with an open mind for the new and unseen, altogether with great respect towards the pre-existing institutions in the field of art.

Our team from KUOKA gladly will help you, to find the right pieces of art, fitting your personal desires. Our expertise is as colourful as our collection of art, and you will see, that we are not trying to separate, but rather strongly combine the physical with the digital world.

We would like to welcome you to our new and modern platform for new and young art from around the world.





Gerhard Altenberger

born 1955 in Vienna
After 40 years of creative work with economic and legal questions, the pleasure in doing arts and converse with artist became even stronger.

With KUOKA it's finally possible for me to connect artists and persons interested in fine arts. This happens now online (digital) and - since autumn 2017 - offline (analog) in the KUOKA Offline-Gallery at Lerchenfelder Straße 85-89 through the modern shared business-concept."





Nikolaus Ehn, BA.

born 1986 in Vienna
Studied history of arts at the university of Vienna focused on architectonical development and the use of forms. Furthermore he was fortunate to gain insights in Japanese art and culture as well as English linguistics and literature. Niklaus Ehn has several years experience in conservation of stone.

The Idea of a virtual gallery became quite concrete after a short time that we decided to realize KUOKA as a online Gallery.As my function as foundation member, it was an important objective from the beginning, to give our artists the possibility to enter a direct dialogue with costumers.
The communication about art as connector with those who make arts and those who appreciate it, remains a very exciting activity."





Walter Stach, Mag.art.

geb. 1946 in Vienna
Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Vienna, teaching activity i.a. at these universities; numerous exhibitions, book- and other publications. Working as artist, art- and culture-mediator in mainly correlating to intercultural and participatory projects i.a. in Austria, South Africa and Brazil.

„I am part of the KUOKA-Team, because I think, it is not enough to get in contact with art just virtually. But a profound relation of art requires a personal mediation."


Kiki Ludvik

geb 1994 in Vienna
Studied History of Arts and Theory of Theatre, Film and Media; Interdisciplinary approach on arts through the interest in the combination and connection between diverse media.

„KUOKA provides a fascinating possibility to connect the haptic artworks with the virtual mediation of art. The online platform shows a modern way to establish itself in the world of art trade."




Julia Maurer, Mag.art.

born 1983 in Vienna
Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and Glasgow School of Art, UK.
Lives and works in Vienna.

„I think it requires many ways to deal with art. Regarding to this, the approach of KUOKA is obvious and uncomplicated. That is what i like about it."



Klaus Rirsch

born 1993 in Wien

Studying commercial information technology at the Technical University of Vien with focus on Web-economics and Competitive Intelligence.
Working in IT-consulting of Data-Office Bank Austria as part of the Spring-Project Erste Group.

„Besides the tasks which gives us the online art-trade, I enjoy working in a familial environment."

den Aufgaben die uns der online Kunsthandel durch KUOKA, stellt macht es mir Freude in einem familiären Umfeld zu arbeiten."