Vienna Contemporary 2019

What can I say about this year’s edition of Vienna Contemporary? Primarily, probably, that it rather tells us something about the art market than about art itself. Luckily. And at least on the opening day.

The tickets are a little bit more expensive, but apart from that, nothing much changed: Again there is an exhibition curated trans-gallery-wise, from outside – ZONE1 by Fiona Liewehr – and again, there is a focus section, “NSK State in time” curated by  Tevž Logar (NSK referring to the artists’ collective “Neue Slowenische Kunst”), dealing with the idea of a state based not territorially but in time. Again, there is an extensive programme of talks and tours. So, there really is a great effort behind all of this. Nevertheless it is not easy to concentrate, in this visual avalanche. Which, on the other hand, lies in the nature of a fair, not being a museum or a place for contemplation.

I find it interesting, though, that the final talk on Sunday bears the title “What’s Wrong With the Art World and How Can We Fix It?”.



Julia Maurer






International Art Fair


Marx Halle

Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19

1030 Wien




Photos vom Eröffnungstag, 26.9.2019