Vertigo - Dorit Magreiter – Really!



Vertigo // Dorit Magreiter – Really!


Apart from “Pattern & Decoration”, mumok shows two other nice exhibitions. For one, there is with “Vertigo” a good cross section through OP ART and its diversity. Not only the geometric works in concise colours one associates most with this art form are part of the exhibition (like “Physichromie Nr. 417” (1968) by Carlos Cruz-Diez), but also earlier and precursory paintings playing with perception and the brain’s potential of completing forms (as “The Gothic Arch” from the series “Carceri d‘invenzione” (1761) by Piranesi). On the second floor the exhibition turns into a full body experience. Some installations, to be fully perceived, have to be walked through, like for instance Julio Le Parc’s “Lumière en mouvement” (1962/ 1999).

The second show is “Really!” by Dorit Margreiter. After seeing and thinking about it, one could assume – as a red thread leading through the exhibition – the topic of information carried by things (in the widest sense) and its dissolution or unsettling. In one part this is performed by the example of typography: Margreiter has become aware of the lettering of Leipzig’s Brühlzentrum shortly before its demolition, and used their form in “zentrum” (2006). Their aesthetics are found again in the large mobile, but this time in a fragmented and abstract form. And isn’t typography the prime example of meta-information? In the second room this sujet could be continued on the basis of architecture, like in the documentation “Case Study House #22” (2001), or else in “The World May Not Be Deep But It Is Definitely Shallow And Wide” (2004) about the shopping-fun centre The Grove close to Los Angeles, and its (logical) sequel “Broken Sequence” (2013), about the decay of a Chinese Disneyland-version that hasn’t even been completed. In all of her works Dorit Margreiter applies techniques of abstraction and reorganization, that loosen and shake up these meta-informations, refreshing and challenging our ideas, views and perceptions.

Really! till 06.10.2019

Vertigo till 26.10.2019


Julia Maurer






Museumsplatz 1

1070 Wien


Monday 2-7p.m.

Tuesday till Sunday 10a.m. - 7p.m.

Thursday 10a.m. - 9p.m.







1: Carlos Cruz-Diez
Physichromie Nr. 417, 1968
Öl, Kunststoff auf Holz / Oil, plastic on wood
121 x 122 x 7 cm
mumok Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Leihgabe der Österreichischen Ludwig-Stiftung /
On loan from the Austrian Ludwig Foundation, seit / since 1981
Photo: mumok
© Bildrecht Wien, 2019


Header, 2: Ausstellungsansicht / Exhibition view
Vertigo. Op Art und eine Geschichte des Schwindels 1520–1970 / Op Art and a History of Deception 1520–1970, mumok Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, 25.5.–26.10.2019
Julio Le Parc, Lumière en mouvement – Installation, 1962/1999, Edition 1/9
Photo: Markus Wörgötter
© mumok/Daros Latinamerica Collection, Zürich/Bildrecht Wien, 2019


3: Ausstellungsansicht / Exhibition view
Dorit Margreiter. Really!, mumok Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, 25.5.–6.10.2019
Boulevard, 2019, 16 mm (transferiert auf Video / transferred on video), 4:3, Farbe, ohne Ton / Color, silent,
4 min
Photo: Hannes Böck
© mumok


4: Ausstellungsansicht / Exhibition view
Dorit Margreiter. Really!, mumok Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, 25.5.–6.10.2019
Von links nach rechts / from left to right: Silicon Valley (Palo Alto), 2019; boulevard, 2019 (Mobile); Bearing Masonry. Concrete Block (1923), 2014–2019
Photo: Hannes Böck
© mumok