Street Art is not something that has been invented in Vienna. It is still not at home here, but with initiatives like Calle Libre (callelibre.at, August 3rd - 10th ) and exhibitions like TAKEOVER  at Wien Museum (where Calle Libre´s festival base will be located, too) it is getting better. Yet, Street Art won´t be the institutions´ darling, which would be against its inherent spirit of liberty anyway.  Rather, the „old“ house on Karlsplatz has been left to be taken over by Street Artists and Skateboarders until extensive renovation work will start in autumn.

On the ground floor there is an indoor skate park and the Do It Yourself Area where everyone who wants to can have a try during workshops taking place regularly. On the first floor – the Hall of Fame – there are works by over 30 Graffiti and Street Artists who have been influencing the cityscape for the last 25 years – from decorative/ playful via subversive/ critical to feminist the whole range is represented, and one will certainly recognize some of the styles. There´s also a (very) little photo-documentation about graffiti in Vienna. But, well, we´re still in a museum aren´t we.

By the way: it´s free entry!


Julia Mauer




Wien Museum

Karlsplatz 8

1040 Wien


Thur. - Sun., Holidays 14:00-22:00






Header, 1, 8: Ausstellungsansicht TAKEOVER, Wien Museum Karlsplatz, 2019

2: Skate Area. TAKEOVER, Wien Museum Karlsplatz, 2019

3: Ausschnitt der Installation von Christian Fischer, Keno Meiners, Jan Schiefermair, Maximilian Schneller, „Freizeit, Baustelle“

4: Ausschnitt der Installation von Philipp Carl Schuster, „A Skateboarder´s Romance“

5: Do It Yourself-Area, TAKEOVER, Wien Museum Karlsplatz, 2019

6: Arbeit von RUIN

7: Arbeit von MOIZ

9: Arbeit von FRIEND