For one more week, until October 12th, there’s still time to see Benjamin Nachtigall’s exhibition “Symbiose” at Galerie Gerersdorfer. And, after last week’s busy art fair time, I’d really recommend a visit – it is nice to see something more ironic and easy for once.

The artist, born in Vienna in 1988, shows medium-sized ceramic figurines of people in romantically philosophic poses, who on the one side are contemporarily (and symbiotically?) rooted with their mobile phones, laptops or a floating tyre, but on the other side have (symbiotically?) lemons, artichokes or, for instance, a blueberry for heads. The outcome seems friendly, though gracefully disrespectful, lapsingly human, and unbitterly serious.

I, for my part, really liked the exhibition.



Julia Maurer





Galerie Gerersdorfer

Währinger Straße 12

1090 Wien




Header, alle Photos: Ausstellungsansichten Benjamin Nachtigall, “Symbiose”, Galerie Gerersdorfer, Wien 2019