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As conclusion of this Finnish panorama, I am sending one last report from Ekenäs/ Tammisaari with one of the possible answers to the question "How do the others do it, elsewhere?

As already mentioned, Ekenäs is a small place - if you want something to happen, you have to take it into your own hands. And so, about five years ago, Studio Spinneriet was founded as a creative collective. In the meantime it has developed into a co-working space and protected experimental area for creative people of all kinds, where events such as rehearsals, concerts or markets take place, too, now and then.

The current "Team Spinneriet" consists of translator, musician and founding member Torsten Colérus, puppeteer Pauliina Vesslin, and photographer Christoffer Relander, who is about to relocate to the Åland Islands, though. Artistically, this makes perfect sense, since nature plays a major, if not the main, role in his work - be it in the overlays of Scandinavian regions and images of Hong Kong (Neonland), or in photographs in which the environment appears to be suspended in a glass jar, as if to be taken, stored or collected (Jarred & Displaced). Christoffer Relander does not create his images digitally, or not solely so, but by means of multiple exposures; apart from his own artistic production and commissions, his work has been published and featured in international media, such as the Observer or VICE. (

Puppet theatre, in the broadest sense, is much more popular in Finland than in Austria, and there often plays for an adult audience as well. Pauliina Vesslin's work combines visual, acting, verbal and acoustic elements in an open and playful way, while striving to avoid the use language as much as possible. What she likes about her metier is that although the puppeteers are often seen and visibly active in the play, the focus is never exclusively on the person - a circumstance that offers a wider field of creative possibilities than classical acting. Pauliina Vesslin is part of the Nurinpäin Kollektiivi, but also works in other constellations and cooperations. A proper insight can be gained at

If one now completes the arc of Christoffer Relander's visual work, via the combination in Pauliina Vesslin's theatre, one now ends up on the acoustic side with Torsten Colérus. Although mainly working as a translator, he also uses Studio Spinneriet for musical matters - with Fredrik Willberg as Duo Hardphinger, or with his solo project IMBd. Torsten Colérus' latest release, "Parents Guide", took place on the label Erikoisdance (, but there is a video playlist on youtube, too (

Studio Spinneriet can also be found on and contacted via Facebook:




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Formansallén 2
Ekenäs, Finland









Header, 1: Studio Spinneriet

2: Studio Spinneriet mit Arbeiten von Christoffer Relander

3: aus dem Stück “Fairycircus” von Pauliina Vesslin und Antti Tolvi

4: aus dem Stück “MUSTAVALKOISTA” (Schwarz und Weiß), Nurinpäin Kollektiivi

5: Hardphinger, Fredrik Willberg

6: Hardphinger live, Torsten Colérus und Fredrik Willberg

(Header, 1, 2, 5, 6 wurden freundlicherweise zu Verfügung gestellt von Torsten Colérus; 3 und 4 von Pauliina Vesslin.)