Kunsthandel Wolfrum

Anna Stangl „Im Wald“
Michaela Mück „Malerei auf Holz“

A new year also means a whole bunch of fresh exhibitions! Gallery Wolfrum initiated 2018 with Anna Stangl´s show „Im Wald“ and new paintings on wood by Michaela Mück. As different as their respective approaches may seem, they simultaneously harmonise really well.

Downstairs, Anna Stangl´s images may be interpreted as illustrations for tales for adults. They are of a very intimate and inwardly character, but are a lot less innocuous than a first hasty look might  suggest.The title-giving picture „Im Wald“ and the large-format paper cut-out „Floating“ form a visual and mental frame enhancing the exhibition´s dreamlike atmosphere, as does the usage of the almost alchemistical ingredients like poppy-seed oil and black chalk.

As a contrast, Michaela Mück directs the view outwards. With bold brushstrokes she creates contrastingly small-format landscapes which are only sometimes passed by tiny humans or animals. The paintings are beautiful and radiate a sort of neutral calm. A calm, though, which posseses disconcerting capacities. Michaela Mück calls her landscapes „Idyllen“, as they are indeed. But idylls that haven´t shared their secrets yet.

Julia Maurer



Kunsthandel Wolfrum
Augustiner Straße 10
1010 Wien



Header: Anna Stangl, Floating, Scherenschnitt, Tusche, Karton
1 & 2: Michaela Mück, aus der Serie "Idylle", alle Acryl, Eitempera und Silberstift auf Holz
3: Ausstellungsansicht Michaela Mück
4: Ausstellungsansicht Anna Stangl
5: Anna Stangl, Im Wald, Ölpastell, Pastell, Schwarzkreide, Wachs auf Bütten
6: Anna Stangl, links: Euphorie, Ölpastell, Farbstift, Kohle, Pastell, Wachs, Farbkreide auf Bütten; und rechts: Zwei Hundefreunde, Ölpastell, Mohnöl, Pastell, Kohle, Farbstift auf Bütten