Marianne Lang


Marianne Lang is known for her meticulously exact though delicate drawings. The exhibition „spiegelbildlich“ also contains some of them: five sheets from the „Double Sight“-series. In them the artist draws an interior scene, but like seen through a window and reflecting the exterior as well – or the other way round, for both scenes are executed in the same intensity. Maybe one should rather say „executed in airiness“ as the drawings appear almost transparent, rendering the two rooms fragile and putting their realities into question; or as if they were memories.

In addition, Marianne Lang also shows two pieces from her latest series „Kaskade“. They consist of plate glass painted with high concentration chalk solution – the water evaporates, the chalk remains and traces the lines left by the flowing and vaporizing water. And although the water is absent, it remains the main agent between the sheer glass plate and the chalky crusts.

So „spiegelbildlich“ succeeds as a very poetic exhibition, on the one hand pointing towards something that has diappeared, on the other oscillating between two images - an exhibition, thus, strongly referring to the intangible without trying to grab it with all force and command.

Julia Maurer






Bildraum 01
Strauchgasse 2
1010 Wien




Header, 5:  Marianne Lang, aus der Serie „Double Sight“ Bleistift auf Papier; links: 70 x 100cm, 2018; Mitte: 70 x 90cm, 2016; rechts: 70 x 90cm, 2018 © Bildrecht, Wien 2018

1: Marianne Lang, „Kaskade“ Kalk auf Glas, 2018; links: 60 x 50cm; rechts: 40 x 30cm © Bildrecht, Wien 2018

2: Marianne Lang, „Kaskade“ Kalk auf Glas, 60 x 50cm, 2018 © Bildrecht, Wien 2018

3: Marianne Lang, aus der Serie „Double Sight“, Bleistift auf Papier, 2017-18; links: 145 x 119cm;