Soon September will come, with its vast array of art events and fairs. In the meantime, though, there are still the summer exhibitions, like at Secession.

In the main hall Nora Schultz shows with „would you say this is the day?“ an installation consisting of various, individual elements: In some places the ceiling has been opened and grids that are in several states of falling apart are reaching downwards. There´s also a calender sheet in three versions – recto, verso, and enlarged – with drawn faces breaking up its strict pattern. The open back door and the accordingly hoped for draught, a record of the air condition´s humming from the artists´s studio and two videos also form parts of the installation. (Unfortunately, though, there was a westerly wind when I was there, so no draught. But then, that´s part of it, too.)

Fiona Connors exhibition „#8, Closed for Installation, Sequence of Events“ contains a similarily subtle, or locally invisible element: a notice-board from Karl-Marx-Hof has been placed in one of the apartments, and a door from Los Angeles has been exchanged with one from a Wiener Gemeindebau. Very manifest and visible, on the other hand, are the tools for preparing an exhibition cast in bronze. Similar maybe to Kate Newby and „I can´t nail the days down“ at Kunsthalle Wien  Karlsplatz last year, it is about the dissolution between hand-made and mass production, ambivalence and appropriation - albeit shaped in a different manner.

Rosalind Nashashibi´s exhibition „DEEP REDDER“ at the gallery downstairs equally consists of two parts. For one, there is a video about the disintegration of linearity in societies, the building up of a feeling of community and its unsettling and shaking up. In the second half the Turner Prize nominated artist shows paintings made simultaneously with the video, that – with their trusting openness and intimacy – inspire the idea of a safe and very personal haven.

As a linking thread one could speak of three exhibitions that share issues of order and dissolution, manifestation and destruction, the visible and the non-visible.


Julia Maurer






Friedrichstraße 12

AT-1010 Vienna


Tue - Sun / 10a.m. till 6p.m.






1: Nora Schultz, would you say this is the day?, Ausstellungsansicht, Secession 2019, Foto: Iris Ranzinger

2: Rosalind Nashashibi, Untitled (Coin), 2019, Ausstellungsansicht, Secession 2019, Foto: Oliver Ottenschläger, Courtesy of the artist and GRIMM, Amsterdam | New York

3: Rosalind Nashashibi, The moon is nearly at the full. A team horse goes astray., 2019, Ausstellungsansicht Secession 2019, Foto: Oliver Ottenschläger

Header, 4: Fiona Connor, Closed for installation, 2019, #8, Closed for Installation, Sequence of Events, Ausstellungsansicht, Secession 2019, Foto: Oliver Ottenschläger, Courtesy of the artist, 1301PE, Los Angeles und Hopkinson Mossman, Wellington