Roman Signer

Galerie Martin Janda

In the current situation most galleries are encouraging their visitors to make appointments for a possible visit. This is also the case with Galerie Martin Janda, which opened at the usual times for two days, though, after the unattended (non-)opening of Swiss artist Roman Signer’s exhibition. It is perhaps not a bad idea to begin this period of slow reopening after this long, sluggish and boring phase with someone who really does pull crowds - or, to say the least, with an artist in whose works poetic, slightly anarchistic humor (things might be blown up once in a while) plays a leading role/ whose process-based work for the most part takes place outside/ whose oeuvre ironically, playfully and with no great gesture overcomes boundaries.

Roman Signer's works largely ARE their creation process - their remains, traces and documentations are what can be seen in galleries and museums. At Martin Janda's, there is now a selection of some very new pieces and installations, and a couple older photos. For me, it's definitely the right exhibition at the right time.




Julia Maurer





Galerie Martin Janda

Eschenbachgasse 11

1010 Wien











Header, 1: Ausstellungsansichten Roman Signer, Galerie Martin Janda, 2020, im Vordergrund “Ski mir Raketen”, 2020

2, 5: Ausstellungsansicht Roman Signer, Galerie Martin Janda, 2020

3: Roman Signer, “Installation mit Ventilator”, Videoinstallation, 2020

4: Roman Signer, “Orgelpfeife”, 2020

6: Roman Signer, “rote Linie”, 2012

7: Roman Signer, “Schweben”, 1995