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[Translate to English:] Alexandra Reill – never forget how fragile people are

Toni Kleinlercher – takes aus julianischen tagen

Peter Moosgaard – you can store water in the cloud

Apart from the sometimes quite noisy art path, an exhibition is currently taking place that at first glance seems somewhat stubborn, but then, with a little effort, unfolds its effect.

The series "private viewing" takes place in Toni Kleinlerchercher's studio. Each exhibition forms a dialogue between one of his works and one by an invited artist. Actually it is more of a trialogue, because there is a third participant who creates a connection, like in this case Peter Moosgaard, who with his text "you can store water in the cloud" creates a contextualization between Toni Kleinlercher's "takes from Julian days" and Alexandra Reill's "never forget how fragile people are".

In this work, Alexandra Reill defends herself, so to speak, against Google's supremacy by building, with great patience and precision, her own personal system of reference: a daily photograph and the associated keywords connect into a network, letting us glimpse at the person who might be behind it. The title reminds us that the cold abstraction of Big Data is indeed reality, affecting us all.

In "takes from Julian days", Toni Kleinlercher over the course of a year also took a daily photo of Mount Fuji or the clouds veiling it, and numbered them according to the Julian calendar. On the 39 days he couldn’t take the picture, he asked someone random to draw the mountain, out of memory or fantasy.

Both installations are, so to speak, external traces of work that develops only from the resulting connections, hinting at the persons who created it. One needs a little time for this hidden poetics. But it's worth getting involved.




Julia Maurer





Studio Kleinlercher/Kosai

Gebrüder Lang Gasse 14

1150 Wien


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Header, 2,3,4: Toni Kleinlercher, “takes aus julianischen tagen”

1: Alxandra Reill, “never forget how fragile people are”