Lukas Janitsch

Terrazzo not only enjoys a comeback into the design world, it has also found its way, in a modified form, into fine art. At unttld contemporary, Lukas Janitsch, with “Petra”, shows works based on a version of stone cutting that he has developed himself. To historical techniques such as opus sectile and commesso di pietre he adds newer materials such as polyester. Together with the rock material that Lukas Janitsch has collected over the past two years in abandoned quarries or on remote rivers, this results in smooth and brilliantly polished works of attractively subdued colours. In their forms, here and there, one might recognize motifs, as for instance one might guess a beak and an eye in “Würger” (and, after all, the great grey shrike is a bird that has its home also in Austria).

In any case, cold stone wouldn’t be your first impression of Lukas Janitsch's pictures!




Julia Maurer






unttld contemporary

Schleifmühlgasse 5

1040 Wien










Header, 3, 4: Ausstellungsansichten “Petra”, Lukas Janitsch, unttld contemporary, Wien, 2019

1: Lukas Janitsch, “Schlaz”, 2019, Naturstein, Polyester, 38 x 33 x 1,2cm

2: Lukas Janitsch, “Würger”, 2019, Naturstein, Polyester, 34,5 x 30 x 1,2cm