Open Art & Skulpturengarten


Most people are familiar with the summerstage at Roßauer Lände - but perhaps not many know that there it also hosts a place for art on the outskirts. With the reawakening of paublic life and space, the "Soft Vernissage" took place last week: Curated by Thomas Draschan, two works by two artists (Iris Dostal, Karen Holländer, Eva Kadlec, Hanspeter Petri, Martina Reinhart, Markus Schlee, Susanna Schwarz, Anna Smedding) can be seen on each of the four modern, illuminated and rotating advertising pillars, whereas the Skulpturengarten on the lower level presents Manfred Peckl’s “Weltreisen”. Perhaps unintentionally/unplanned, the works fit perfectly into exactly this year’s summer: with Markus Schlee’s bathing man towelling and Anna Schmedding's bottomless woman, very summery motifs are exhibited in the given context (perhaps someone remembers Anna Schmedding’s exhibition at ADA shortly before the crisis – now, at the end of it, one of her drawings can be seen here, in large format and illuminated), while the "Unsicherheitsnadel" by Karen Holländer adds a question mark, so to speak. Manfred Peckl's works, pastel colouredly mixing and combining the names of two places, in turn refer to a mobile life and freedom of travel, or at least the longing for it.

Art in public space is not always an easy topic. But here, in the case of this year's summerstage, it works perfectly!




Julia Maurer






Open Art und Skulpturengarten

Roßauer Lände - direkt beim Donaukanal

1090 Wien













Header, 1, 7: Anna Schmedding, “UNTENOHNE”, Bleistift auf Papier, 21 x 30cm, 2020

2: Eva Kadlec, “BÖSE BLUMEN”, Aquarell auf Papier, 2019/ 2020

3, 9: Ausstellungsansicht open art, summerstage, Wien 2020

4: Installationsansicht, Manfred Peckl, “Weltreisen”, Skulpturengarten, summerstage, Wien, 2020

5, 6: Manfred Peckl, “baku / kuba”, Skulpturengarten, summerstage, Wien 2020

8: Martina Reinhart, “INFUS”, Photogramm und Acrylmalerei auf Leinwand