Nilbar Güres: Heartache of a Stone

In her work Nilbar Güres treats issues of sexual und cultural identity in a fresh and playful way.Let´s take the series „La Paz“ for example: the collages have a dreamlike and ephemerous quality, as if they were just incidentally created. The contents, contrastingly, could be easily called tough.
In this way Nilbar Güres manages to remain wild also in small and medium formats without being trapped in the platitudes one usually associates with the depiction of nakedness and sexual parts.

Each piece could stand for its own. Still there is a background to all of them: discussion and dialogue with indigenous cultures; female identity and the female body; religion; and all mixed together, associating freely and playfully. One gets caught with a feeling of wanting to give the bashful cactus, a part of the installation „How I met your Mom“, a hug.


Julia Maurer



Galerie Martin Janda
Eschenbachgasse 11
1010 Wien