Monica Bonvicini - I Cannot Hide My Anger

Monica Bonvicini’s work influences younger artists like that of few others. Belvedere 21, with “I Cannot Hide My Anger”, is now dedicating her a solo show. Its core component is a room made of aluminium plates that end in barbed wire on top, and cannot be entered. On the front wall there’s the writing “hy$teria”, on the back a larger than life print depicting the Marlboro Man. Naturally Donald Trump with his plans of constructing a fence on the Mexican Border, and the system he represents come to mind - the feelings of disbelief and powerlessness in the face of his way of acting – and the rage that might be hidden inside the cubus, that in itself, as a feeling, of course is invisible, but has a very manifest and definite container that may even be a means of protection. To exhibit and to conceal at the same time.

To complete the show there are two sculptural works and a black-and-white drawing, “Wildfire Kern 2010” (2016), figureing a house after, well, a wildfire. (Some might remember seeing it in Graben, where a variation of it has been installed during the summer of 2018.) And even though Donald Trump wasn’t yet president in 2016, it sadly forestalls his denial of climate change, respectively the arrogant ignorance of its causes. Yes, there really is cause for anger!

(till 27.10.2019)


Julia Maurer





Belvedere 21

Arsenalstraße 1

1030 Wien


Mi. - So. 11:00 - 18:00Uhr

Mi. & Fr. bis 21Uhr







Header, 1, 2, 3: Ausstellungsansicht "Monica Bonvicini. I CANNOT HIDE MY ANGER"

Foto: Jens Ziehe, © Monica Bonvicini und Bildrecht Wien