Neue Bilder

Michael Fanta

By no means I wish to pay disrespect to installations or exhibitions forming a work of art for themselves, but yeah, great, a painting show again!
MUSA´s Startgalerie shows Michael Fanta´s newest paintings, all from the month running up to the opening. Apart from this there is not much more information. But this does not matter as the paintings explain themselves. And anyway, about the proportionality between art and their explanations weighty tomes could be written.

At least one of the works was inspired from a nightly walk home, and one could see the whole exhibition under this light. The paintings capture this atmosphere of slight melancholy but manage to not become tacky or lose their humour. (Who doesn´t know the secret pleasure of catching a glimpse into illuminated windows when taking a walk after dark?) The restrained and accurate illumination underlines the show´s intimate character still further.

But, depiction apart, also colours and their materiality play a great role in Michael Fanta´s paintings. They are not just a means to an end but operate as element adding abstractly to the content.

Julia Maurer


Startgalerie im MUSA
Felderstraße 6-8
1010 Wien


Header: Detail of „Admiral“, 2017, Oil on Cotton, 125 x 125cm
1.: Gasse, 2017, Oil on Cotton, 145 x 145cm
2.: View of Exhibition
3.: Home Alone, 2017, Oil on Wood, 24 x 30cm