all clear

Max Schaffer

Max Schaffer´s exhibition „all clear“ at Gabriele Senn´s gallery is very atmospherical. For his installation he kind of tapered the gallery´s walls with black batik tie-died kitchen towels, sometimes interspersed by a little metal boar´s head or nesting box like constructions without entries or exits.

And so my first thought was „forest“, as the towels´ structures also reminded me of cross-sections of tree trunks. But what do dishcloths have got to do with a wood?
It is indeed these towels that change the whole installation´s character: they signify conventionality, move the boar´s head into the region of regular hunters´ tables and let the nesting boxes appear rather desperate.

Marlies Wirth´s text for the exhibition speaks of the „unbearability of one´s homeland´s culture“. The batik technique, though, as an aesthetic counterculture element unsettles this homely idyll and shows it some resistance. Let´s put it like this: an exhibition like drum`n`bass.


Julia Maurer





Gabriele Senn Galerie
Schleifmühlgasse 1A
1040 Wien