Marcia Hafif

Galerie Hubert Winter

Who wishes to visit Marcia Hafif's (1929 - 2018) exhibition in the Galerie Hubert Winter, has to hurry a little.

She is probably known to friends of American Minimalism through her monochrome painting, but her working and thinking circles extended much further - her artistic oeuvre also includes more graphic works, videos, photographs, and performances, and thus should be reduced to one term. The philosophical spectrum of her work, however, can best be exemplarily explained regarding her paintings: on the one hand, there is the object-like side of the picture - the tactile, visual, rentinal aspects; at the same time, however, it is also a historical statement and the result of a way of thinking. The process of painting itself no longer only serves an intention, but becomes the "intention itself". One could say, then, that Marcia Hafif's pictures deal with both the visible and invisible facets and elements of painting, as a guide or incitement to a lucid perception that looks at things separately in order to reconnect them more consciously. Just as none of her works can be considered in isolation, but only as a whole.

This exhibition is the first posthumous selection of works by Marcia Hafif at Galerie Winter.




Julia Maurer





Galerie Hubert Winter

Breite Gasse 17

1070 Wien









Header, 2: Marcia Hafif, “Vienna Suite I”, 1998, b/w photographs, 25,4 x 20,3cm. “Vienna Suite”, 1999, video, sound, 20min, Galerie Hubert Winter, Wien 2020

1: Marcia Hafif, “The Grill”, 1998, 7 silver gelatin prints on baryta, 24 x 35cm, Galerie Hubert Winter, Wien 2020

3: Marcia Hafif, “Ink Drawing: Pelican Drawing Ink (May 21. 1975)”, 1975, ink on paper, 77 x 66cm, Galerie Hubert Winter, Wien 2020

4, 5, 6: Ausstellungsansichten, Marcia Hafif, Galerie Hubert Winter, Wien 2020