La Pelle

Luc Tuymans

Also apart from the Biennale, Venice is hauling out the big guns this summer. At Palazzo Grassi, which is run by the Pinault Collection, a large and concise Luc Tuymans exhibition, „La Pelle“, takes place. And one really has to say that – at least as far as possible quality and staging of an exhibition are concerned – new dimensions are reached. Really every painting by the Belgian artist one might know from catalogues or photos are part of the show, as well as lesser known pieces, earlier and more recent work. The famous „Schwarzheide“ is not represented itself, but realized as a large mosaic on the floor of the Palazzo´s atrium. It is an (at least for me) unusual range and density of Tuyman´s oeuvre, which – apart from all the cleverer things that have already been said or written about it – directs the gaze towards disquietingly neutral details that contain a lot of truth. A little booklet accompanies the exhibition offering details and backgrounds to every single painting. What more could you wish for?

(bis 6.1.2020)

Julia Maurer

Information about the venue:

Palazzo Grassi

Campo San Samuele 3231

30124 Venezia


according to the Internet - daily from 10:00a.m. till 07:00p.m.

Exception - closed on Tuesdays





Header, 1: Luc Tuymans, „Schwarzheide“, 2019, (after the 1986 eponymous oil on canvas), marble mosaic realized by Fantini Mosaici, Milan, 960 x 960cm

2: Luc Tuymans, „Turtle“, 2007, 368 x 509cm, Private Collection. Courtesy David Zwriner, New York/ London.

3, 6, 8: Ausstellungsansicht „La Pelle“, Luc Tuymans, Palazzo Grassi, 2019. (3, links: Luc Tuymans, „Still Life“, 2002, oil on canvas, 347,5 x 502,5cm, Pinault Collection)

4: Luc Tuymans, „Der diagnostische Blick VII“, 1993, oil on canvas, 65,1 x 46cm, Kunstmuseen Krefeld

5: Luc Tuymans, „Simulation“, 2007, oil on canvas, 221,6 x 294,5cm, Pinault Collection

7: Luc Tuymans, „Murky Waters“, 2015, oil on canvas; triptych, I: 235,5 x 235,5cm, II: 237 x 232,5cm, III: 235,5 x 232,5cm. Collezione Prada, Milan

9: Luc Tuymans, „Penitence“, 2018, oil on canvas, 195,5 x 141,2cm, Private Collection. Courtesy Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

10: Ausstellungsansicht Luc Tuymans, „La Pelle“, Palazzo Grassi, 2019. links: „The Shore“, 2014, oil on canvas, 194,2 x 358,4cm, Tate. Rechts: „Sundown“, 2009, oil on canvas, 182 x 239cm, Private Collection. Courtesy David Zwirner, New York/ London.

11: Luc Tuymans, „Dirt Road“, 2003, oil on canvas, 153,5 x 127cm, Private Collection.