„Maximal Soft“

Liesl Raff

Yes, I know, only a short while ago there has also been a review on an exhibition in Sophie Tappeiner´s gallery. But, if you are interested in well-founded young art, this is one of the places to go to.
And so, I´d also recommend you a visit at Liesl Raff´s first larger solo gallery exhibition „Maximal Soft“.

The pieces of the Stuttgart-born artist are abstract, and maybe a little bit playful. As one would suspect the two central tables shaped in the form of crying eyes in dangerous vicinity to kitsch, weren´t they made out of steel and sheet steel. Generally speaking, one could say that Liesl Raff focusses in her work on materialities and consistencies. Despite of being made out of „cold“ and industrial material like steel, silicone oil and epoxid resin the single pieces seem to own some inherent warmth – as if, keeping in mind the exhibition´s title, they had made themselves purposefully soft.

The accompanying text speaks of friendship and the traces it leaves – first inter-materiel, in the broader sense also between human beings. Liesl Raff´s work adds in an unpathetic manner new aspects to this train of thoughts.

Julia Maurer


Sophie Tappeiner
An der Hülben 3
1010 Wien



Header: Detail of „Hanging“ 2017, Latex, steel, silicone oil, dimensions variable
1 & 2: View of exhibition Liesl Raff „Maximal Soft“
3: Twist 1, 2017, Latex, steel, epoxy resin, 14 x 15 x 15cm, Latex varible
4: from left to right: Head 2, 2017, steel plate, silicone oil, 42 x 38 x 11cm; Head 3, 2017, steel plate, painting, silicone oil, 29 x 37 x 11cm; Hanging, 2017, Latex, steel, silicone oil, dimensions variable