Larson Österberg

An artist who rather accidentally came to live in the small archipelago town of Ekenäs/Tammisaari, but whose work nevertheless falls into place really well with the surrounding landscape ans environment (and who, unlike Helene Schjerfbeck, actually likes it here), is the painter Larson Österberg. One would think that the dominant element in a place surrounded by sea and little islands would be water. Yet when you are here, you notice that it’s the air really. And the air, or more precisely the sky, is the main feature in Larson Österberg’s paintings: in his figurative work, there is a bit of ground and landscape on the bottom, above which a wide sky is spreading out, in many shades and tonalities, sometimes wild and breezy, sometimes muted and cloudy. There are no people - but when you look at them you have the feeling of standing in the picture yourself, gazing into the distance, under this sky.

Parallel to these, Larson Österberg also creates purely abstract paintings. And although their colour and form almost remind of flowers, they, too, have a very transparent and airy character. The sky is asserting itself, so to speak.

With galleries, things look very bad in Ekenäs/ Tammisaari, and Helsinki is far away. Most sales therefore take place via the Internet. A path that also KUOKA has been following, varying it and expanding it with accompanying gallery exhibitions now and again.


Larson Österberg can be visited at his studio in Ekenäs/ Tammisaari, and online on




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Header, 1-7: Larson Österbergs Atelier in Ekenäs/ Tammisaari