Kunst zur Ankunft

A KUOKA Charity Event on the Art of refugee youths


For all who didn't make it to "Kunst zur Ankunft" last weekend: here are some impressions!

In "Kunst zur Ankunft" KUOKA presented a selection of paintings and sculptures that were created during “Start Wien – Das Jugendcollege”, in the participating studio founded by Laleh Monsef and Rahman Hawy. They were made by young people between the ages of 15 and 21 who are seeking and entitled to asylum; it therefore comes as no surprise that the works revolve around home, flight, identity, integration and inclusion; the teenagers process and form their experiences and personal histories in them, but also communicate their observations here in Vienna. Many of the pictures are unfinished - a short moment in the life of the young artists who could not attend anymore or were not allowed to come to finish them. A larger selection of these works could be seen at Wien Museum in "Der Fliegende Teppich" in January 2019, at "Kunst zur Ankunft" they could now be bought at auction.  100% of the proceeds go to the organisation "Asyl in Not" (asylum in need), because – hardly imaginable in today’s world - the contact to the young authors has been lost after the termination of the college. It is not an easy background against which this exhibition and auction took place - it was all the more wonderful that the evening was really well received and found grand resonance!