Kowanz und Dahlem

Brigitte Kowanz

Von neuem anders, anders als es vorher war 


Björn Dahlem

Der Wahrheitsraum (Palus Somni) 

An exhibition definitely worth seeing in its clarity and tidiness is Brigitte Kowanz’ "Von neuem anders, anders als es vorher war". Most of the works deal with a moment of great radiance: on the one hand it is merely a date on an abstract timeline, but on the other hand it radiates into the future and continues to change our lives – such as, for example, the presentation of the link to the very first website on March 12, 1991. Brigitte Kowanz translates these dates into images, signs and codes, and lets them shine on, sometimes reflected to infinity. A new series of works can only be properly perceived in the instant of looking at them, namely the reflective pictures, whose surface treatments break with the movements of the viewer in spectral colours, whereby iridescent, geometric forms become visible.

In the second half of the gallery is Björn Dahlem's exhibition "Der Wahrheitsraum (Palus Somni)". Palus Somni means "swamp of sleep" and refers to a plane of solidified lava on the moon, near the place from where the space probe Ranger 8 sent the first images in 1965. In his works Dahlem pursues the idea, or rather the paradox, that an increase in knowledge often tends to increase rather ignorance and ambiguity. In his expansive installation "Wahrheitsraum" and a grouping of individual works entitled, for example, "Flat Earth Theory (Deep Impact)" or "Saturn and Beyond", he explores how scientific world views can be visualized beyond standardized representations - always conceived as an approximation, and precisely imperfect.

As different and spatially separate as these two exhibitions are, one could almost say that, in a certain way, they take up or circle each other. If one would rather look at each one separately, they are just as good.




Julia Maurer





Galerie Krinzinger

Seilerstätte 16

1010 Wien










Brigitte Kowanz, “Von neuem anders, anders als es vorher war”, Galerie Krinzinger, Wien 2020

1: “1234567890”, 2012/2020, Neon, Aluminium, Lack, Dimension variabel

2: Ausstellungsansicht, im Vordergrund “A Sight to Behold”, 2017, Neon, Spiegel, 80 x 80 x 25cm

3: Ausstellungsansicht, links: “World Wide Web 12.03.1989 06.08.1991”, 2017, Neon, Aluminium, Lack, 150 x 70 x 15cm; rechts: “Email 02.08.1984 03.08.1984”, 2017, Aluminium, Lack, Kabel, iPad, Dimension variabel

4: “Je suis Charlie 07.01.2015”, 2017, Neon, Aluminium, Spiegel, 170 x 140 x 20cm

5: Ausstellungsansicht

6: “Focus”, 2013, Neon, Spiegel, 40 x 90 x 90cm

7: Ausstellungsansicht

8: von links: “h”, “j”, “g”, “m”, “a”, alle 160 x 50cm, “i”, ø 90cm, alle 2020, retroreflektierende Oberfläche, Aluminium

Björn Dahlem, “Der Wahrheitsraum (Palus Somni)”

9, Header: Installationsansicht

10: Installationsansicht

11: Ausstellungsansicht