Nanna Susi // Canal Cheong Jagerroos – Blue and Red

Jaana Erkkilä – Weird and Wonderful Life

Jukka Rintala – Arctic Glamour


Rovaniemi Art Museum at Korundi House of Culture is probably one of the Northern-most museums worldwide. But the fact that there indeed is a designated museum of contemporary art, which, although not huge, again hosts three (or three-and-a-half) exhibitions at the same time, is not really surprising in Finland.

The first two exhibitions are loosely but nevertheless connected. It is a project by Nanna Susi and Canal Cheong Jagerroos, a Finnish and a Chinese painter, who have travelled each other's countries extensively, and now show their works (though not necessarily connected with their journeys) under the title "Blue and Red". Nanna Susi's part is called "Moments Include Eternity". She can justifiably be called a colourist, that is, she herself uses this denomination. Her medium format paintings are built up of many layers of colour; sometimes they are abstract, sometimes a female figure standing in water or a flower vase can be recognized. She is concerned with emotions, as she says, which constitute who we are and which require a lot of courage to admit. With her works she also wants to give space to those of the viewers.

Canal Cheong Jagerroo's paintings in "Extract" are much more graphic, and one of their elementary components is the abstraction of Chinese characters. Of course, I myself can only perceive them as completely abstract, but I find that they have an exciting and sometimes almost funny rhythm or build-up.

The next exhibition on the tour, "Weird and Wonderful Life" by Jaana Erkkilä, is my favourite. It shows woodcuts and linocuts, putting wishes, fantasies, dreams in an almost folkloristic way in a field of tension with (harsh) everyday life, or, for that, real life. The aesthetics keep the pictures away from any suspicion of kitsch. Jaana Erkkilä is, this should also be mentioned, vice-rector of the University of Arts in Helsinki.

Finally, there is an exhibition about fashion, namely "Arctic Glamour" by designer Jukka Rintala. It's interesting, but I really shouldn’t and can't say anything about fashion.

Rovaniemi - respect!

(“Blue and Red” and “Weird and Wonderful Life” until 31.5. / “Arctic Glamour” until 23.2)




Julia Maurer





Korundi – House of Culture

Rovaniemen Taidemuseum/ Rovaniemi Art Museum

Lapinkävijäntie 4

FI-96100 Rovaniemi











Header, 1: Jaana Erkkilä, “seeing Hands”, 2019, Linolschnitt; Rovaniemi Art Museum

2: Jaana Erkkilä, “Village”, 2019, Holzschnitt, Photo Liiti Arto; Rovaniemi Art Museum

3: Nanna Susi, “All Gods”, 2019, Öl auf Leinwand; Rovaniemi Art Museum

4: Canal Cheong Jageroos, “Inherent Probability”, 2019, Mischtechnik auf Leinwand; Rovaniemi Art Museum