Galerie Krinzinger

Martha Jungwirth
Gavin Turk: God Is Gone

In one half of its premises Gallery Krinzinger shows Gavin Turk´s exhibition „God Is Gone“.  In his latest work the British artist deals with the – in times of fake news – rather important issue of meaning and truth; he questions the search and longing for something to hold on to, and the accompanying difficulties.
At the same time he lets his objects and paintings look arachaic or antique, though: today´s mythomania mixed with classical Roman bulimia, so to speak. His mirrored glass cubes are highly esthetical, but contain only detritus. Or take „Waterfall Painting“ for instance: Here, Gavin Turk acrimoniously copied the code a computer generates while trying to depict Marcel Duchamp´s iconic „Forestay Waterfall“, including a typing error.

Completely different is Martha Jungwith´s exhibition in the gallery´s second part. Parallel to her show at Albertina, Gallery Krinzinger shows watercolours and oil paintings by the Viennese born artist. Her works are meanderings between concentration and relaxation, fluid seismogrammes often inspired by places and landscapes. During a special on Ö1 on March 18th, Martha Jungwirth mentioned that „Neben-die-Schuach-Malen“ („to paint next to one´s shoes“) is very important to her; the non-chalant and off-handed character that differentiates her work from those of many other abstract painters.
This look she achieves - apart from her way of painting itself -  by using lined or squared paper, or, as in the new, large formate Istanbul-Series, by painting on bits of paper and just then mounting the pieces on canvas.
This year, Martha Jungwirth was awarded the Kokoschka Prize. An honour not many women artists have received until now.



Julia Maurer


Galerie Krinzinger
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1010 Wien

Header: Martha Jungwirth, alle ohne Titel, 1987, Aquarell auf Papier, 29,5 x 41,5cm.
1: Ausstellungsansicht Gavin Turk, vorne links: Looking Glass, 2015, Glas und Mischtechnik, 200 x 170 x 170cm
2: Gavin Turk, Ausschnitt aus „Waterfall Drawing“, 2018, Bleistift auf Papier, 178, 2 x 126cm
3, 4, 5: Ausstellungsansicht Gavin Turk
6: Gavin Turk, To Perceive something without using the known senses, 2018, gefaltete Spielkarten mit „telesthesia“ auf der Rückseite geschrieben, 38,5 x 29,8 x 3,8cm
7: Gavin Turk, Instruction Serie, v.l.n.r. Make a Wish, Yout Nose, Wet Lips, The Point; alle 2018; Filzstift, recycletes Papier, 23 x 34cm
8: Gavin Turk, Iteration Serie, links: Das ist es nicht, 2018, Öl auf Leinwand, 75 x 95 x 2,5cm; rechts: This is it, 2018, Öl auf Leinwand, 75 x 95 x 2,5cm; im Hintergrund: Tout Fait (Teleporter), 2018, Chromstahl, 203 x 141 x 120cm
9, 10, 11: Ausstellungsansicht Martha Jungwirth
12: Martha Jungwirth, ohne Titel, 2016, Öl auf Papier auf Leinwand, 116 x 227,5cm
13: Martha Jungwirth: links: ohne Titel, 1987, Aquarell auf Papier, 29,5 x 41,5cm; rechts: ohne Titel (aus der Serie „Istanbul“), 2017, Öl auf Papier auf Leinwand, 163 x 272cm