Jan Van Eyck - als ich can

August is no bad time to visit exhibitions that would have passed unseen during busier times. As, for example, „als ich can“ at Kunsthistorisches Museum´s Kunstkammer, about Jan Van Eyck (ca. 1390 - 1441) and his time. Truth be told: it is a rather small exhibition. But there are three of the only 20 preserved paintings by Van Eyck included in the exhibition, with in depth information, as well as other works from contemporary artists, and objects from the period (if the chasuble of a Messornat may be called thus), to bring close the atmosphere of the time.

The most interesting point for me personally, though, was the fact that the Flemish painter signed his works, as probably the first one north of the Alps. A new custom, thus, that put Van Eyck´s own person and personality closer to the spotlight. His motto „als ich can“ (as best I can – but not as good as I´d wish), too, gives him sharper contours than his predecessors as an individual artist. Maybe it is just my imagination, but I would interpret this change as a definite shift towards modernity, no?

(till the 20th of October 2019)

Julia Maurer





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Header, 1, 2, 3: Ausstellungsansicht „als ich can“ 2019 © KHM Museumsverband