Erwin Reisner

While in Erwin Reisner´s first exhibition at 31st Gallery earlier this year („iro“) the focus lay on abstract paintings, the autumnal show „iroiro“ emphasizes his figurative work. The artist who was born in New York in 1947 began his artistic education and work already as a teenager. A dedication that can be seen in the experience and care with which his pieces are conceived.

But despite these years of painting and the red thread that can be seen throughout his work, Erwin Reisner manages to not let himself be reduced to one aspect alone: he explores the possibilities and potentialities of various styles and techniques of fine art. The subjects in his figurative paintings are mostly unexceptional, everyday situations which gain psychological depth by way of painterly exploration.

Four non-figurative pieces render the exhibition more dynamic and provide a deeper insight into Erwin Reisner´s many-layered work.A non-noisy but vigorous start for the autumn.

Julia Maurer




31st Gallery
Lange Gasse 27
1080 Wien


Header: Detail of „Radfahrender Bub“, 78 x 92cm, Oil on canvas
1: „Radfahrender Bub“, 78 x 92cm, Oil on canvas
2: View of Exhibition (from left „Schäferin“, 49,5 x 74cm, Oil on canvas; without Titel, 45 x 63cm, mixed technique on paper)
3: View of Exhibition (from left  „Knabe“, 68 x 90cm, Oil on canvas; „im Supermarkt“ 65 x 90cm, Oil on canvas)