INTERMEZZO - Summertime

Galerie Jünger

With all due respect for critical and difficile art, it is always good to see something fresh, free and beneficial, especially duringtimes like these. This is exactly what Andrea Jünger had in mind for her gallery, too, and so the works in the exhibition "INTERMEZZO - Summertime" deal with summer in all its varieties: It's about the sea and travelling, plants, fruits and flowers, strong colours, as well as cool shadows. Positions of 19 artists are gathered quite densely, because construction sites from really all sides limit the gallery space to the ground level. All the better/ more important/ more beautiful is it to shout out to the joy of life!

(By the way, for those who still prefer to stay at home, due to Corona there are also individual presentations and reviews of past exhibitions on the homepage for browsing and musing.)

With works by Christy Astuy, Casaluce/Geiger, Karin Ferrari, Fabian Fink, Rudolf Goessl, Josef Kern, Sabine maier, Yvonne Oswald, Robert Puczynski, Hubert Roithner, Christian Rothwangl, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Werner Schnelle, Gabriele Schöne, Martin Schrampf, Fritz Simak, Alois Tösch and Anton Wichtl.




Julia Maurer





Galerie Jünger

Paniglgasse 17A

1040 Wien











1, 5, 10: Ausstellungsansichten “INTERMEZZO – Summertime”, Galerie Jünger, Wien 2020

Arbeiten von

Header, 2: Sabine Maier, 2014-19

3: Alois Tösch, 2016

4: Christian Rothwangl, 2019

6: Hubert Roithner, 2014

7: links: Christy Astuy, “Umbria”, rechts: Werner Schnelle, “Stillife mit Glas 5”, 1988, “Stillife mit Glas 7”, 1988, “Stillife mit Krug 2”, 1997

8: Werner Schnelle, “Stillife mit Glas 7”, 1988

9: Karin Ferrari, 2017