Hybridish – And some other Hybrid expressions

Curated by Alistair Hicks

This year's theme of the curated by gallery festival , "Hybrids", deals with, clearly, hybrids, but also with metamorphoses, projections of desires and fears, and, more generally, non-linear and divergent thinking.

British curator Alistair Hicks has realised this with particular relish at Georg Kargl Fine Arts: In a group exhibition with works by Raymond Pettibon and Laure Prouvost, among others, things thought too straight are examined and, if possible, loosened up. The thesis that we are still dominated by the rules of linear thinking, although we no longer believe in them, is expressed and brought to consciousness, and visitors are confronted with works that offer ways out of the streamlined world by means of feminism and (very playful) conceptualism. True to the motto "Not everything you see for the first time necessarily has to be understood" - which also includes accepting and coping with ambiguities.

The exhibition with Marcel Dzama & Raymond Pettibon, Leylâ Gediz, Marcia Kure, Wangechi Mutu, Pavel Pepperstein, Raymond Pettibon, Viktor Pivovarov, Laure Prouvost, Paula Rego, Nedko Solakov and Hale Tenger is only on display until 3.10. - so you should hurry up!




Julia Maurer





Georg Kargl Fine Arts

Schleifmühlgasse 5

1040 Wien












1, 2: Marcia Kure, Installationsansicht “For Southern Kaduna I – IV”, 2017-2020, multiple, dimensions variable

3: Pavel Pepperstein, “Hybrid Thinking”, 2020, indian ink on paper, 56 x 76cm

4: Pavel Pepperstein, links “Politicians”, rechts “Philosophers”, beide 2020, indian ink on paper, 76 x 56cm

5: Viktor Pivovarov, “Quartet #8”, from the Series “Quartets”, 2020moil on canvas, 140 x 110cm

6: Ausstellungsansicht “Hybridish - And some other Hybrid expressions”, links: Laure Prouvost, “IDEALLY THIS CORNER WOULD EMBRACE YOU WARMLY”, 2018, gloss paint, dimensions variable; rechts: Arbeiten von Nedko Solakov. Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Wien 2020

7: Leylâ Gediz, “Erkete”, 2019, oil on canvas, 80 x 60cm

8: Hale Tenger, “Turkish Delight”, 2003, Majolica terra cotta, 19 x 14,5 x 8cm

9, Header: Raymond Pettibon Installationsansicht

10:  Ausstellungsansicht “Hybridish - And some other Hybrid expressions”, Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Wien 2020