Anna Schachinger

Due to Corona crisis the exhbition had no opening, but start it did nevertheless: In the pictures of "Heat" at Galerie Sophie Tappeiner, Anna Schachinger deals with the human psyche and bodies (according to text primarily female bodies) - but under aggravated circumstances, namely in the sauna.

Representing naked femininity is not easy. Anna Schachinger's figures seem lusty but not exhibited; they are together and, as if the heat were dissolving the surfaces, interwoven and laced with each other. (A fact that make them remind me a little of Daniel Domig's paintings, whereas Anna Schachinger carries out this interweaving in a much more graphical way.) The observations and mental continuations are kept in warm palette and subdued tones - together with the figures’ representation, the aesthetics echo the pragmatic Socialist Realism women of the 1960s and 1970s, had this movement been cheerful and tumultuous.

Anyone who liked Anna Schachinger's ceramics in "Pensive State" last year (also at Sophie Tappeiner’s, and together with Irina Lotarevich) will find a beautiful painterly continuation in the pictures of "Hitze".





Julia Maurer






Galerie Sophie Tappeiner

An der Hülben 3

1010 Wien











Header, 1: Anna Schachinger, “Kümmernd/ Müde/ Gelbe/ Kontrolleure”, 2020, Öl auf Leinwand, 56 x 66cm

2, 3: Ausstellungsansicht, Anna Schachinger “Hitze”, Galerie Sophie Tappeiner, Wien 2020

4: Anna Schachinger, “Redebedürfnis” 2020, Öl auf Leinwand, 180 x 150cm

5: Anna Schachinger, “Fahne/ Ananasaufguss”, 2020, Öl auf Leinwadn, 56 x 42cm