Rudolf Goessl

It takes a lot of courage and energy to begin a radically new page of one’s oeuvre in old age. But that's exactly what Rudolf Goessl has done in his exhibition at Galerie Jünger on the occasion of his 90th birthday, "Hellsicht. There are works from the last three years (one has only been finished a couple of days before the opening), which in contrast to his earlier paintings - and as the title suggests - are bright and soaked in light. Especially when one looks at the decisive picture "Sonne unten", which is part of the tryptchon that forms the core of the exhibition: white, glazed layers, bright and warm yellow spots, delicate structures. The gloomy but already atmospheric glow of old has given way to a radiant one. Other pictures in the exhibition continue this theme into blue, pink, or white colour regions, as in “Verdichtet", for example.

If you want to learn more about his work and wish to meet Rudolf Goessl personally, there will be a finissage with an artist's talk at the end of the exhibition.




Julia Maurer






Galerie Jünger Wien

Paniglgasse 17A

1040 Wien










Header, 2: Ausstellungsansicht Rudolf Goessl, “Hellsicht”, Galerie Jünger Wien, 2019

1: Rudolf Goessl, Triptychon “Durch`s Licht”; von links: “Sonne oben”, 2015; “Zentrales Licht”, 2017; “Sonne unten”, 2015

3: Rudolf Goessl, von links: “Klammern”, 2017; “Blaue Spur”, 2019; “Blaue Blume”, 2016

4: Rudolf Goessl, von links: “Von oben”, 2016; “Klammer rosa”, 2017; “Eigenkopf”, 2016

5: Rudolf Goessl, “Verdichtet”, 2016