Christy Astuy

Christy Astuy shows her latest paintings, drawings and two paravents at Galerie Jünger.
Born in California but based in Vienna, she wildly and freely cites and arranges elements and ideals from paintings of western art history -  mostly from Italian trecento art but we also, for instance, find bits and pieces by Picasso. She adds a psychological layer, too, by inserting herself (sometimes represented by only her mouth, sometimes as a real self-portrait) into her pictures.

The exhibition also premieres her iPad- drawings. Christy Astuy has developed a work mode of collaging and drawing on her iPad, printing the result, and then reworking it once again. A process that maybe best describes her way of operating.
Due to the very graphical manner of painting and the consistently found golden backgrounds in them, her works gain an iconographic and sacral aura, also apart from the references to historical Italian art. But they never appear rigid or even encrusted: the artist summons her motifs into today´s world, so to speak, and in this way offers us new and contemporary associational possibilities.

These, though, do not only concern the dynamics of our current society; no, I think that Christy Astuy also manages to return something to those „old“ paintings by refreshing our viewing of them.

Julia Maurer


Galerie Jünger
Paniglgasse 17A
1040 Wien



Header: Ausschnitt aus „Ich heirate mich selbst“
1: Ausstellungsansicht (links: motherly love, rechts: 3 white birds)
2: Ansicht Paravent
3, 4, 7: Ausstellungsansichten
5: Muse Garden
6: Annunziazione