From the Outside to the Inside

Rosa Aiello, Kelly Akashi, Daniel Lergon, Peter Miller, Nazim Ünal Yilmaz

The Vienna branch of Berlin gallery Crone shoes a group exhibition called „From the Outside to the Inside“. It is basically the counterpart of the „From the Inside to the Outside“ show from this year´s January, and accordingly also focusses on its contrary: the mirroring of outer conditions and surfaces into the inner worlds of feeling and ideas, with art serving as a membrane or filter.

The exhibition´s main piece is a paravent-like structure (“Hotel Principles II“) by Vienna-based artist Nazim Ünal Yilmaz. It is made from scraps of ladies´ tights in the colour of nude, and a little piece of cloth with a scene from „Winnie the Pooh“ printed on it. It has a little bit of both beauty and terror – on the one hand there are pieces of lace and the nice character of the tissue itself, on the other they are terrible tights in geriatric beige. I like that.

Kelly Akashi´s glass objects also own a strong haptic component, as she gives the transparency and fragility of the material enough space to breathe. The little branches and some grass that have been put into the objects as an organic contrast to the shiny and reflecting surfaces render the installation meditative, whereas its smallness adds a casually fugitive touch.

But there´s also painting: matching the colour palette with „Hotel Principles II“ Nazim Ünal Yilmaz  shows some paintings as well, and one could position them too somewhere between dystopia and jest. The second painterly position is by David Lergon. He presents gesturally abstract paintings made from only one sole pigment: a green that sometimes appears even black, and sometimes shines neon bright.

Works by Peter Miller and Rosa Aiello complete the exhibition. The first deals with the de-mystification and de-organisation of music and film in the graphic series and the video on show, the later made a movie that combines personal video material with neutral systems, like, for example, the alphabet.

Julia Maurer

Informationen zum Veranstaltungsort:

Getreidemarkt 14/ Eschenbachgasse 14
1010 Wien




Header: Detail von Nazim Ünal Yilmaz, „Hotel Principles II“

1-5: Ausstellungsansichten (5: Malerei von Nazim Ünal Yilmaz)