Celebrating Female Diversity

Women Art Award

For the first time ega´s Women Art Award has been granted last week. More than 50 artists have submitted works to the topic „Frauen*Körper*Bilder“ (Women*Body*Picture) under the main headline „Celebrating Female Diversity“. Helene Traxler´s winning painting „nonconformism/ 2“ and the 14 „best“ art works will be on display at ega´s gallery until Dec. 7th.

Distinguishing the award from most other, similar calls and prizes is its inclusive design; the topic alone offers a vast space for interpretation, there are no limits concerning age or education and also the choice of media is as open as possible. As a result the shown works cover a wide range of issues: from the requestioning of traditional, female role models to playful metamorphoses, self reflection and more psychological and philosophical observations. The award also aims at bringing new life into feminist art and it is a pleasure to see that many younger artists take part in the exhibition.

On ega´s two top floors the work of Adrienn Kiss can still be seen until Jan. 26th, 2018. She, too, deals with questions of female identity, but on a popcultural base and – quite unusual – mainly using coloured pencils in off-handed, beautiful drawings.

Julia Maurer


Windmühlgasse 26
1060 Wien

1: Helene Traxler, „nonconformism/ 2“, 50 x 70cm, Acryl on Canvas
4: Astrid Rausch, „M_“, 145 x 155cm, Oil on Canvas