Festival der Bezirke - Vienna District Festival

City district festivals and walks are a great opportunity to meet artists of all sorts and their programmes off the beaten tracks and galleries. It is no wonder they become more and more popular.
For example Vienna´s Festival der Bezirke. It is organized for the ninth time this year by Basis.Kultur.Wien and takes place annually from June 1st to 23rd.

A great variety of events are offered in the district matching the date: guided walks, concerts, theater and movie events, and, last but not least, open studios. On June 15th I came to see Lena Rosa Händle, Adrienn Kiss, Cinthia Mitterhuber and David Elias Schilling in their studio on Neubaugürtel in the 15th district. The studio gets a nice clean up and the four artists show examples of their producing in their respective working spaces: Adrienn Kiss presents her mostly large-format colour pencil drawings, Lena Rosa Händle and David Elias Schilling an installation with emphasis on photography and Cinthia Mitterhuber a series of ink drawings and oil paintings. The ambiance is very amicable and open and it is easy to enter into talks with artists and fellow visitors. There is absolutely no need to feel intimidated or shy.

As an extra the opposite studio (with focus on prints and graphics) and the one above (Tone Fink who, apart from his own work also shows some of his daughter´s pieces) were also open to visitors.


Julia Maurer



For the program and participating studios please visit www.wirsindwien.com