Every Line Tells Its Own Story

Athanasios Argianas, Cornelia Baltes, Clare Gasson, Rowena Hughes, Charlotte Klobassa, Yorgos Stamkopoulos

The first impression on entering „Every Line Tells Its Own Story“ in the still new Nathalie Halgand gallery is very winning, fresh and full of light. This atmosphere is basically created by the single works unobtrusiveness (a line very seldom is a steamroller) and their inherent poetry.

The only piece really telling a story with words is also my own personal favourite: Athanasios Argianas´ „Song Machine“. It consists of a minimalst chair-like steel frame enlaced by a bronze ribbon into which letters of a song, or as the exhibitions information leaflet suggests, a poem are etched.

Hence the other lines stories point towards more non-representational, non-verbal issues, like for example Yorgos Stamkopoulos 3D-steel line. Clare Gasson in turn chopped the gallery´s space with the help of a red lipstick line into two but also throws in a kind of acoustic line (a whispered text, „A thousand times – around 3000 years – April 2012 – a sound studio performance“) thus gently connecting it again. (At least I imagine it like this.)

An altogether beautiful exhibition, though unfortunately remaining a little bit too airy in the painted positions.

Julia Maurer


Galerie Nathalie Halgand
Stiegengasse 2/3
1060 Wien



Header: Detail of Charlotte Klobassa, scribble 8, Oil on Canvas, 2016
1.: from left: Athanasios Argianas „Song Machine“; Rowena Hughes of the series „Wrung or Pressed Against“
2.: from left: Yorgos Stamkopoulos; Charlotte Klobassa „scribble 3“, Oil on Cotton, 2015
3.: from left: Charlotte Klobassa „scribble 3“, Oil on Cotton, 2015; Cornelia Baltes