Meisterzeichner, Zeichenmeister- Eduard Thöny im Simplicissimus

Finally summer! Time to get out of town!
In case you pass through Krems I would really like to recommend a visit of the Eduard Thöny exhibition at Karikaturmuseum, curated by Hans Haider and Gustav Peichl.

It focusses on Thöny´s work for the weekly satirical newspaper Simplicissimus,  published from 1896 onwards in Munich and ending ingloriously in 1944: the exhibitions foyer is papered with many of the newspapers covers so it is easy to compare them with Thöny´s original designs in the small but very beautiful show itself. They are ink drawings, often worked over or ameliorated  with opaque white and sometimes accentuated with gouache. Now and then parts from other sheets are added with glue and incorporated with paint.
Thöny´s power of observation and the way he translated his ideas onto paper create the very worthwhile show.

Additionally, as mostly with satirical drawings from the not so far away past, one still can see their shocking actuality though fashions might have changed. But this exhibition particularly poses another question and highlights one more nuance in the current discussion on fake news and the media´s role in general.

Julia Maurer




Karikaturmuseum Krems
Steiner Landstraße 3a
3500 Krems/Donau