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druck werk – Wertpapier

The University of Economics and Business´ new campus is mainly known for its contemporary architecture. What many people don´t know is that there´s also a niche for fine arts: the Department of Marketing runs a project called „Art Goes Marketing“ which offers artists to show their work in the building designed by Japanese architect Hitoshi Abe. The building alone is outstanding, strictly kept in black and white; sometimes giving space to and sometimes rather domineering the shown pictures.

And so, last week, the exhibition „Wertpapier“ by Perchtoldsdorf printers´ collective druck werk began. The group´s 16 artists freely associate and paraphrase thoughts about valuable papers of all kinds (not only in the monetary sense) using varied kinds of printing techniques. One of my favourites is Maria Hoffmann´s wood cut series „EURO & CO.“. In two-colour prints Hoffmann layers different symbols of financial potency thus adding new shades to their connotations. (And everybody who already had a go a woodcutting knows that it needs quite a lot of routine and diligence to get such clean results.)

I also really liked Elisabeth Gilbert´s prints. She shows some of them in an installative hanging, but two of them casually find themselves on a black wall at the end of a corridor and there very non-chalantly spread their charm.


Julia Maurer


Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Department für Marketing
Welthandelsplatz 1
1020 Wien
Gebäude D2, Eingang A, 1. und 2. Stock

Mon - Fri 10 - 12 hrs after registration by Mag. Lieselotte Aschenbrenner at:


Header: Ansicht Ingrid Neuwirth
1: Maria Hoffmann, Serie EURO & CO. I-VI, je 30 x 30cm, Holzschnitt
2: Ansicht Manfred Miksch
3: Elisabeth Gilbert, 2017
4: Traude Haslauer, Die Bäume verlieren ihre Blätter, 40 x 50cm, Photopolymerdruck