Das ist kein Musenkuss, Liebster

Last week an interesting artistic confrontation – or maybe it is better called interaction – of old and contemporary art began. Eight artists of today (Titanilla Eisenhart, Maria Hahnenkamp, Luisa Kasalicky, Suse Krawagna, Maria Legat, Julie Monaco, Astrid Rausch, Eva Wagner and Anita Witek) each chose one painting by Old Masters (Georg Gärtner d.J., one 17th century painter, Relof Van Fries, Gerrit Van Vucht, Theodor Van Vulden, Adriaen C. Beeldemaker, from the German School of the 18th century, by Jan Van Kessel d.Ä., and finally  by Luca Giordano) looking for or establishing connections. These connections can take up any form – looking at how women were and are seen from a contemporary point of view as Maria Hahnenkamp does, or treating the permanent painterly issues of creation and morphosis like Astrid Rausch. The explanations why the artists chose one particular work are also part of the exhibition and assist in finding new aspects in the Old Masters’ pieces of art as well as in the oeuvre of contemporary painters and photographers.

Despite the slightly battlesome title it is not a competition; maybe one could even rather see it as a sort of family history. The spotlight is definitely on the contemporary works – and this is good. The Old Masters’ paintings – with all due respect – have been regarded and examined for already quite some centuries.



Julia Maurer





Kunstraum im Kinsky

Palais Kinsky, Freyung 4, 1. Innenhof rechts

1010 Wien








1, 2: Ausstellungsansichten mit Ausschnitten von “Ohne Titel” von Suse Krawagna (2019, Acryl, Farbstift auf Leinwand, 200 x 160cm)

3: Ansicht der Installation von Anita Witek

4, 5: Ausstellungsansichten mit Arbeiten von Titanilla Eisenhart (4: links, “Neve”, Öl und Acryl auf Leinwand, 2016, 80 x 175cm)

6: Ausstellungsansicht mit einer Arbeit von Maria Legat

7: Ansicht der Installation mit einer Arbeit von Julie Monaco

8: Ausstellungsansicht mit Arbeiten von Maria Hahnenkamp aus der Serie “Regina Fritsch”, 2008

9 10: Ausstellungsansichten mit Arbeiten von Eva Wagner (10: aus der Serie “Flying Beauty”,  2019, Acryl auf Leinwand, 30 x 30cm)

Header, 11: Ausstellungsansicht mit Arbeiten von Astrid Rausch (links) und Luisa Kasalicky (rechts)

12: Ausstellungsansicht mit “Washington” von Astrid Rausch (2019, Öl auf Leinwand, 140 x 160cm)