Christoph Schirmer


For a few more days next week Christoph Schirmer's exhibition "09/19" at Galerie Bechter Kastowsky is still going on - and seeing it is definitely recommended!

His abstract paintings are located in a field of tension between rhythm and counter-rhythm, between compelling form and recalcitrance - just like the black, massive partition walls especially designed for the exhibition, which on the one hand present the pictures and offer them a framework, but on the other hand stand in the way a little and block the view.

The works themselves are built up in layers and in their aesthetics remind of the (abstract) possibilities of digital image processing: overlapping surfaces of thin, coloured paper and varnish on unprimed canvas, sometimes pigment; crossing lines, fringed edges and strong contrasts; attractive colours and concealing black.

Friends of abstract art - but not only those! - should definitely pay this exhibition a visit.




Julia Maurer





bechter kastowsky galerie
Gluckgasse 3/Mezzanin

 1010 Wien






Alle Bilder und Header: Christoph Schirmer, “09/19”, Bechter Kastowsky Galerie, Wien, 2019