Pattern of Life

Pattern of Life

Last week the new exhibition at Sonntagszimmer „Muster des Lebens (Patterns of Life)“ by Hisa Enomoto and Laura Nitsche began.

In the shown works Laura Nitsche keeps quite close to the exhibition´s title. She deals with cloths and carpets, often in relation with the women of her familiy, their histories and identities. For her Matrjoshka-Series, for example, she has invented singular patterns for each of them. But she also takes a more general approach, focussing on textile techniques as decidedly female ways of art and expression. With „Tagetuch“ she presents a form of diary consisting of treated pieces of cloth, which seem like the imprints passing days have left behind.

Hisa Enomoto´s art can, quite contrarily, be seen as an attempt at de-manifestation. She chooses not so very interesting, everyday situations (like a bus station, or a man with a dirty hat at the flea market), extricates them from their banality, and by way of her vibrant colour palette renders them ethereal and poetic – patterns of light and shadow in precarious balance. One should not ignore, though, that choice and realisation of the scenes do not lack a sense of subtle humour.

Basically, Sonntagszimmer is a weekend-gallery-project by the Raum im Raum-initiative, and is open only for the first Sunday of the month, from 11 to 17h. This time, however, there are two more dates: a Christmas party on December 16th, 12-17h, and the finissage with a concert by Ruri Ando (vocals) and Ayako Kaisho (guitar) on December 27th, 15-17h.

Raum im Raum / das Sonntagszimmer

Kirchberggasse 11

1070 Wien



Header, 4: Laura Nitsche „Matrjoshka“

1, 2: Ausstellungsansichten

3: Hisa Enomoto „Spur von Feuerwerk“, 16,8 x 24cm

5: Hisa Enomoto „Mann mit Hut“ je 29,9 x 20cm

6: Hisa Enomoto „Decke“, 20 x 15,5cm

7: Laura Nitsche „Turmzimmer“, 80 x 120cm

8: oben: Hisa Enomto „Busse in Rumänien“, 30 x 39,8cm; unten: Laura Nitsche „Donaustein auf Donaustein“

9: Hisa Enomoto „Wüste in Tottori“, 29,5 x 40cm