Architecture for the People

Balkrishna Doshi

Three aspects attracted me to the exhibition "Architecture for the People" about Balkrishna Doshi's work at the AZW. First of all, of course, curiosity about what it's like now in a museum, and with a mask. (Eh ok. You can't stand it for hours, but for smaller exhibitions it’s really doable.) Secondly the longing to again learn something about and from another place - in this case India - which is also well served here. And finally the fact that during the last months I have been pondering more about public space - its definition(s) and meaning(s); about the private sphere, living together and all the interludes and hybrid forms. (And I most certainly have not been the only one in this.)

As exactly the attempt to give socially disadvantaged people a home and self-determination, and the shaking up of social strata are core themes in Balkrishna Doshi's projects, as well as the creation of good and open working and studying conditions, and the adoption of local and sustainable practices. The exhibition at the AZW clearly and impressively illustrates the working ethos of the Pritzker Prize winner by means of presentations of selected projects. But it also provides an insight into his personal universe with excerpts from letters and reproductions of a couple of collages.

I, for my part, can only warmly recommend a visit!




Julia Maurer





Architekturzentrum Wien

Museumsplatz 1 im MQ

1070 Wien











Header, 1: Exhibition "Balkrishna Doshi. Architecture for the people"
© Architekturzentrum Wien, photograph: Lisa Rastl

2: Balkrishna Doshi, housing estate for the Life Insurance Corporation of India, Ahmedabad, 1973
© Vastushilpa Foundation, Ahmedabad

3: Balkrishna Doshi, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, 1977, 1992
© Iwan Baan 2018

4: Balkrishna Doshi, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, India, miniature, 1986
© Vastushilpa Foundation, Ahmedabad