Assemble: How we build

For the first time worldwide an overview exhibition of architectural collective Assemble´s work takes place, and as such, in Vienna´s Architekturzentrum. The young group - counting most of the times 18 members - has, only five years after their foundation, already been honoured in 2015 with the Turner Prize.

Their work is multifaceted: economic and effective for one, often using material found on site and stressing its inherent beauty, is it also very poetic and of a fluctuating quality.
The most distinguishing aspect however is Assemble´s social approach: many projects are situated in districts troubled by social issues, where whole quarters are left to ruin. There is the impression that by means of, for example, shared workshops and community playgrounds people get re-integrated into society and become enabled to exit an atmosphere of helplessness and tristesse. The idea that good design makes good people comes to mind very strongly.
In connection with Assemble´s visiting professorship at TU Vienna there are also presented some examples of ideas concerning the material brick and a brick pavillion in the courtyard serving as a public workshop and estival meeting point.

A very motivating show!

Julia Maurer


Architekturzentrum Wien
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien



1. Die Ausstellung: Assemble. Wie wir bauen, 09, © Lisa Rastl
2. Granby Four Streets, 2015 und (wieder wichtig) © Assemble
3. Die Ausstellung: Assemble. Wie wir bauen, 10, © Lisa Rastl