Anna Stangl

Galerie Wolfrum

I actually was a little saddened that a report on Anna Stangl's exhibition in the Wolfrum Gallery would not have been useful here in terms of time. But now it has been extended until the end of August, and, voilà!, here are a few impressions of it, or ideas for it, or an amuse geule:

In Anna Stangl's new works, the colour of blue is predominating, especially in the appearance of water, but in a smaller work also as ice. Super as visual refreshment! While some of her paintings are treat the things and processes that particurlarly take place in secret or inwardly, the two large formats are above all quite openly about freedom and extension – although, as in most of her oeuvre, the drawn figures are, so to speak, depicted without their constituent, outer layers or aids. Yet by no means are they mercilessly naked and exposed! The artist rather points in a friendly way towards their timeless core - remote of small, everyday entanglements, woven into and permeated by their aquatic and botanical environments - and in some pictures they are accompanied by a totem animal.

Blue also plays the dominant role in Takako Matsukawa's works on the first floor: here as well, often as water, but also as light, and in a mostly abstract way.

Two times blue, then, two times mostly on paper, but both completely different. Beautiful!




Julia Maurer





Galerie Wolfrum

Augustinerstraße 10

1010 Wien











Header, 7: Anna Stangl, eine Arbeit “aus der Lade der Galerie”, Galerie Wolfrum, Wien 2020

1, 4, 5: Ausstellungsansichten Anna Stangl, Galerie Wolfrum, Wien 2020

2: Anna Stangl, “Floating”, Ölpastell. Tusche, Kohle, Wachs auf Bütten, 2019

3: Anna Stangl, “Big Wave”, Ölpastell, Pastell, Schwarzkreide, Wachs, Acryl auf Bütten, 2020

6: Anna Stangl, “Löwenherz”, Kohle, Tusche, Ölpastell, Wachs, Scherenschnitt auf Bütten, 2018

8: Anna Stangl,  eine Arbeit “aus der Lade der Galerie”, mit Teilen von Hinterglasmalerei, das wollte ich natürlich niemanden vorenthalten!, Galerie Wolfrum, Wien 2020

9: Takako Matsukawa, alle drei “Im Licht”, Öl, Tusche, Pigment, Kohle auf Japanpapier, Mitte: zusätzlich auf Holz, 2018 und 2020, Galerie Wolfrum, Wien 2020

10: Takako Matsukawa, beide “Im Licht”, Öl, Tusche, Pigment, Kohle auf Japanpapier, 2020, Galerie Wolfrum, Wien, 2020