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Most off-spaces that sprang up like mushrooms a few years ago have by now disappeared again. One that continues is ADA. The Artistic Dynamic Association describes itself as an art club, as a place of encounter and intervention. With its concept of new exhibitions being built on or in and between the traces of the previous ones, it poses an ephemeral challenge to the artists (and is thus, by the way, the absolute neglection of the white cube, which is still pursued in many places).

Currently, for the next two weeks, Anna Schmedding's latest works can be seen at ada. The exhibition’s beginning is constituted by a wall full of drawings of figures and figures. They all are a bit strange and imperfect, caught in movements and poses like in moments of a film, in a torrent of possibilities and incidents. Everyone deeply knows what is depicted here: situations of great anger or irrepressible joy, the confrontation with your own changing body, the disguised self, the desire to be someone else, someone more real - the list is endless. Anna Schmedding treats her characters with compassion and sympathy - and a great deal of humour - making the difficult easy, just as a Greek philosopher of old times (who exactly I unfortunately cannot remember) once said about the aims of art.

The next room showcases the origin and continuation of the drawings: little carved figurines marking the beginning, and some the paintings that build up on them by adding colour and structure. And - last but not least! - as further shading and interruption - a glittering and billowing golden tinsel curtain!





Julia Maurer






artistic dynamic association

Wattgasse 16/6

1160 Wien




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alle Photos: Anna Schmedding, ada is ...Anna Schmedding, ada, Wien 2020