Jörg Reissner



A small but beautiful exhibition is currently showing at Judith Ortner´s: a selection from drawings by South-Tyrolian artist Jörg Reissner.

His abstract work seems minimalist and concentrated, yet at the same time also playful and personal, due to the inclusion of organic structures (like wood grains) and some of the single pieces´ titles. I wouldn´t speak of diary-like protocols, but I would associate his drawings with rhythmically graphic processing of different places, ideas and occurences. His casual and logically compelling rhythm also makes it obvious that Jörg Reissner, who by the way studied in the class of abstraction at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, is an accomplished musician, as well.

The exhibition in the little gallery-plus-book shop is still open until July 4th.


Julia Maurer







Judith Ortner / Ortner 2
Sonnenfelsgasse 8
1010 Wien










Header, 2: Jörg Reissner, von links: Davide con la testa di Golia, 2014; Autoritratto come Bacco, 2014; Madonna del Rosario, 2014; Madonna die Pellegrini, 2015; alle vier Bleistift auf Papier, je 29,7 x 21cm. Rechts: O.T., Lack auf Baumwolle, 60 x 50cm, 2019.

1: Jörg Reissner, von links: Ostia, 2014; O.T., 2014; O.T., 2014. Alle drei Collage und Bleistift auf Papier, je 29,7 x 21cm

3: Jörg Reissner, Davide con la testa di Golia, 29,7 x 21cm, Bleistift auf Papier, 2014.

4: Jörg Reissner, beide O.T., je 297 x 21cm, Bleistift auf Papier, 2015.