Satoyo Matsuki, Lym Moreno, Franz Riedl


Attention, attention! Only for two short weeks the exhibition „Papierfantasien“ at Mila Palm´s new gallery Milaneum can be visited.

It assembles paper works by Japanese artist Satoyo Matsuki, Lym Moreno from Venezuela, and Franz Riedl from Austria. Connetcted with the Japan-Austria 1869-2019-jubilee, the exhibition takes quite some reference to Japan, and is also attended to by the Austria-based artistic platform kokemoos (, or, that is, Hisa Enomoto. For, additionally, the show is completed by ephemera (or graphic design on paper for everday use) from around a hundred years ago, and so underlines how European artists took up Japanese stylistic elements.

Satoyo Matsuki creates with her partly large format pieces a world peopled by animals and demons. She cuts, tears and folds the paper, dyes it, sometimes even burns it, and connects the pieces to new forms and stories, that formally take up natural shapes but point towards the super-natural.

Lym Moreno, originally printmaker, presents abstract, three-dimensional works in strong colours, that may remind one of children´s books were it not for the sinistre and slightly uncanny overtones they transport.

Franz Riedl, in turn, in his oeuvre deals with cut lines and their shadows: Via cut and counterpressure he creates strictly geometrical, or nearly architectural reliefs pointing to the playful elements of defining territories.

Who wishes to see the exhibition AND talk about it, can do so at the finissage, on June 6th at 3 p.m.


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Header, 1-9: Photos der Eröffnung, „Papierfantasien“, Satoyo Matsuki, Lym Moreno, Franz Riedl, Milaneum, Wien, 2019