Open End

Roman Ondák


For the fourth time Galerie Martin Janda presents a solo exhibition by Slovak artist Roman Ondák.

Even though his origins lie in the field of coneptual art, Ondák´s focus has shifted more towards sculpture. He himself calls his „things“ reflections on sculpture – a phrasing that does more credit to his work and its openness and irony.

In his pieces he often uses humble and seemingly untreated elements and objects from everyday life - as in „Open End“, for instance, bowls of ladles – which he then integrates into slightly estranged or displaced situations, opening thus a space for new thoughts and interpretations. Vladimira Büngerová´s text for the exhibition compares Ondák´s art with a satellite that time and again returns to its base, poised between reality and utopia. A comparison I find very striking and beautiful. For me there also appeared an association with Jan Švankmajer´s films, probably caused by the use of everyday objects, which are friendly, yet somehow disquietening, and basically timeless. And this way also Roman Ondák´s work seems to me – a little bit fallen out of time, but nevertheless very contemporary.


Julia Maurer








Galerie Martin Janda
Eschenbachgasse 11
1010 Wien








Header: Detail von Roman Ondák, „Skyline“, 2019, medicine cabinet, broken glass laboratory measuring cylinders, 50 x 120 x 30cm, Galerie Martin Janda 2019

1, 5: Ausstellungsansichten Roman Ondák, „Open End“, Galerie Martin Janda, 2019

2: Roman Ondák, „Eclipse“, 2018, blackboard, bowls from ladles, 119,5 x 220 x 10cm

3: Roman Ondák, „Open End“, 2019, acylic paint on found pedestal, 60,5 x 27 x 27cm

4: Roman Ondák, „Bad News“, 2018, papier-mâché, revolving worktable, height: 114cm, ø 81,5cm

6, 7, 8: Roman Ondák, „Northeastsouthwest“, 2019, 4 bowls from ladles inserted into the wall,